Why Is Bar Mitzvah So Important?

Ari is learning a Bar Mitzvah by considering it more than just a celebration and present. What Bar Mitzvah really is? Bar Mitzvah can be translated as “son of commandment”...the young man becomes responsible to now act upon the commandments of the Torah. The reason for the commandments would be to focus on what is important...family, commune and the relationship with Ashem. It is at the age of 13 when a Jewish boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah. http://www.shvilhalev.co.il/%D7%90%D7%98%D7%A8%D7%A7%D7%A6%D7%99%D7%95%D7%AA-%D7%91%D7%A6%D7%A4%D7%AA Elaboration of Bar Mitzvah: If more deeply examined... their spirits are rising and transforming. A spiritual being has many levels of spirit said Kabbalistic tradition. A yet anothr level of soul becomes apparent at this time. That is when moral awareness and sensitivity completely develop. This really is when susceptibility and moral awareness totally develops and young men need to be responsible for their activities. After a young man comes at the stage of his life, his actions are more significant for this reason... The Talmud states that a mitzvah is meant to be performed because a man is bound to do it. The main reason behind this is people have an aversion to come through on their duties. Conquering this is illuminating maturity and this is the reason why the Bar Mitzvah is observed...realizing the phase of duty. Ari’s Time Of Bar Mitzvah: http://www.tefillinj.co.il/phylacteries One year prior to the Bar Mitzvah of Ari, he started studying for his Bar Mitzvah. The part of the Torah was quite difficult to learn and was nervous. About a month afterwards, he was still worried because his amount of reading was nowhere near good. Yet, he did accepted the fact that he was not following what Rabbi had told him to do. Ari understood he had to produce an agenda and be consistent with it. Ari was at the half way mark, he knew he would be improved. He was following his plan but his strategy wasn't consistent. Ari had one part that did not look awful, he had to learn two torah parts, that didn't appear dreadful. He still had one month left. However, Rabbi told him that those two parts normally take nearly a month to learn. Ari said to himself “but I only have a week until my Bar Mitzvah.” Ari had an idea that he had to really follow his strategy, be persistent, listen to advice. He had to really follow his plan and follow through if he would be readyfor his Bar Mitzvah. http://www.tefillinj.co.il/ Ari had a practice Bar Mitzvah and was confident that he'd an expert with his Torah portion. Ari had his Bar Mitzvah and he was brilliant. Ari understood he was calm, assured and prepared and he was ecstatic that his Bar Mitzvah was a huge success.